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We’re Providing the Solution! 

We at Southern Machinery recognize that there’s a need for customer training experiences in the aggregate industry! Along with our partners at Mellott, we are stepping in and providing a solution! Expert training is now being provided by our team either on-site or at your facility.

Learning Safe Techniques

Safety is our number one value and a huge focus of our customer training sessions.  Our industry experience confidently ensures that you and your team will learn safe operation and maintenance techniques, per manufacturer recommendations.

Learn From Our Experts

This month, we hosted our first customer training event of 2024 on-site at Southern Machinery.  Customers provided excellent feedback on the quality of the training that was received. HP crusher maintenance, theory of vibration, and dust suppression were just a few of the topics that were covered by presenters Ron Teeters, Jim Levy, and Chris Powers.  In addition to the training, a delicious barbecue lunch was also provided each day!

We Can’t Wait to Host More Training Events!

“Regarding our recent training event, I felt the deep dive into HP crushers was extremely important.  Everyone in attendance was able to feed off each other’s knowledge when it came to questions.  The expertise in the room made it so that no question went unanswered, and we were able to help customers deal with the issues they were experiencing,” said Chris Powers, Account Manager at Southern Machinery.

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