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A Big Investment to Better Serve our Customers

Southern Machinery is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with streamlined efficiency.  One way we’ve invested in improving our processes is the acquisition of an 8’X24’ AKS plasma table capable of cutting up to 2” plate. Plasma tables can contribute to increased efficiency and precision in industries where cutting metals and other materials is essential.  This investment is estimated to cut our plate processing time in half.

What are the Benefits?

The use of a plasma table results in accurate and consistent cuts.  Since most plasma tables are equipped with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems, the cutting process is automated.  This reduces the need for any manual adjustments and reduces the reliance on manual labor.  It also aids in optimizing material utilization by minimizing scrap and waste.

When compared to manual cutting methods, plasma tables certainly increase production speed.  For Southern Machinery, this is especially beneficial since our industry requires large volumes of precise cuts to be made within a specific time frame.  It also allows us to keep more processes in house, thus cutting costs for our customers and helping control the quality of our product.

It’s Definitely Worth It! 

The initial investment in a plasma table may be significant.  However, benefits such as reduced material waste, efficiency gains, and overall production costs have made it a more than worthwhile purchase for Southern Machinery Company.

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